Nexus Vault

Nexus Vault is a game launcher and a game library where you can add your games that you bought from the Nexus Games website – allowing you to launch your games quickly and easily from one place.


Nexus Works

Nexus works is a Software Development Kit that provides multiple functionalities to the games you build and allows them to fully mature into a game that is truly “Nexus Worthy”; a game that is successful on release and ages like fine wine in the Nexus platform.


See what Nexus Works has to offer   ↓ ↓ ↓

  • Host your own game file server that is 100% owned and maintained by you.
  • Become able to use services like Google Drive and Dropbox as your game file server.
  • Be able to customize how your game client looks like
  • Have your own game icon and game banner displayed on the game client
  • Update your games with ease no matter where you host them.
  • Provides fast version checking that is relatively easy to understand and use.
  • Nexus Works SDK uses a modified variation of “Semantic Versioning” to address your game update versions.
  • Fetch your game data using a Metadata Json file to instantly display the game image, icon, title, and description on the Nexus Vault Game Launcher.

How does it work?

          After implementing the Nexus Works SDK to your game, you will have a Game Client that will manage your game files and updates. The said game client will be responsible for pulling the game files and updates from an external file repository of your choice, like google drive or Dropbox.

The game client will also be responsible for detecting game updates through a simple text document that you will attach to your game files that utilizes the modified “Semantic Versioning” system.

After detecting a game update, the game client will automatically download the update and install it to your computer without affecting the overall file structure and integrity.

          The appearance of the entire game client can also be fully customizable through the SDK. Game developers are allowed to fully customize how the game client looks. You may change the background image and the game icon to your liking and even change the UI structure to some extent.

The SDK also comes with a way to connect with the Nexus Vault launcher through a Metadata JSON file. The said file contains the game image, icon, title, and description that will be displayed on the Nexus Vault game launcher.